STEP 1 You will receive a text message from CHIME NOW to your mobile phone with a 6 Digit Password and a link.

STEP 2 Click on link to either APP STORE or PLAY STORE

STEP 3 Select Download CHIME MOBILE

STEP 4 CHIME MOBILE will be an app on your phone. Open to log on.


STEP 2 Type in you mobile number

STEP 3 Type in 6-Digit password sent in your text message

STEP 4 Start using the app!



STEP 1 Select ‘Start At Site’ button

STEP 2 Select a Site (if a beacon is enabled, it will search for the beacon now)

STEP 3 Select ‘CLOCK IN’

STEP 4 Take a selfie photo (headshot only)

STEP 5 Select finish

STEP 6 All clocked into Site!

STEP 1 Select ‘Start At Another Site’ button

STEP 2 Select the new Site (there is no need to clock out of the other site - it will automatically log the change)

STEP 3 Take a selfie photo (headshot only)

STEP 4 Select finish

STEP 5 All clocked into new site!



STEP 1 Select ‘Stop at Site’ button

STEP 2 Take a selfie photo (it already knows what site to clock you out of!)

STEP 3 Select finish

STEP 4 All clocked out!


STEP 1 Select ‘Address Book’ button

STEP 2 Type name of operative want to clock in. Press ‘Search’

STEP 3 Select name from list

STEP 4 Select ‘Start At Site’ button

STEP 5 Select site want to clock them in at

STEP 6 Take photo of operative

STEP 7 Well done! You have clocked them in

STEP 8 To clock out, repeat process by selecting ‘Stop At Site’ Button


STEP 1 Select ‘WHO IS ON SITE’ button

STEP 2 View list of all live sites with number of real time ‘clock ins’

STEP 3 Select a site.

STEP 4 View all the different trades clocked into the site

STEP 5 Select a trade

STEP 6 Select an individual

STEP 7 See details : Time of clock in / Photo / Distance from Site / Face Match / Real Time view of hours worked / Pin on map where individual clocked in



STEP 1 Select ‘Site Notes’ Button

STEP 2 Select ‘View Site Notes’

STEP 3 List appears of all site notes at project you are clocked into - select any of these to view. If you want to view site notes from another site select the top project name and select a new project to view.


STEP 4 Go back to folder. Select ‘Add Site Note’

STEP 5 Fill in Description, Select Project, + Photos (as many as needed)

STEP 6 Select ‘ADD NOTE’


STEP 1 Select ‘SITES’ button

STEP 2 Select ‘View Sites’

STEP 3 Scroll through list and select site

STEP 4 Directions will be given from your current location to site.

STEP 5 Go back to folder and select ‘Add a new site’

STEP 6 Type in name of Site

STEP 7 Type in postcode / address of site

STEP 8 Move pin to exact location and set up geofence.

STEP 9 Select ‘ADD’. New site added!


STEP 1 Select ‘ADD CONTACT’ button

STEP 2 Select Type of trade of new operative

STEP 3 Take a profile picture of operative

STEP 4 Fill in detail : First Name / Last Name / Trade Type / Mobile Phone Number


STEP 6 New Operative will receive a text message from Chime Now with a 6 digit code and link to download Chime Mobile App

STEP 7 New Operative added!



STEP 1 Select ‘TIMESHEET’ button

STEP 2 Select ‘ Authorise Timesheets’

STEP 3 Select the week you want to view

STEP 4 Select the operative

STEP 5 Authorisation screen will show : Name, Trade, Total Hours Worked, Daily Hours Worked and the stages of the authorisation process (swipe through)

STEP 6 Select box, change hours if necessary


STEP 8 All done, Timesheet authorised for the week!

STEP 1 Select ‘TIMESHEET’ tab

STEP 2 Select week

STEP 3 Click to expand arrow on left hand side

STEP 4 Select the operative name

STEP 5 Check hours, photos, location etc and amend hours accordingly for each day. Select green tick.

STEP 6 Write any comments at bottom of screen

STEP 7 Click arrow on left hand side to resume list and select another operative. Repeat process.

STEP 8 All done, Timesheets authorised for the week!


STEP 1 Select ‘BUYING’ button

STEP 2 Select ‘ Create an order’

STEP 3 Select relevant Project, Package, Description of items ordering, Total Amount & Supplier.

STEP 4 Select ‘ CREATE PO’

STEP 5 Automatic PO created! Add a photo of order (if required)

STEP 6 Select Finish

STEP 7 Order Created!

STEP 1 Select ‘BUYING’ button

STEP 2 Select ‘ Log Delivery’

STEP 3 Select relevant Site delivery has come to

STEP 4 Search by Supplier or Purchase Order (PO) Number

STEP 5 Select correct PO that delivery relates to

STEP 6 Fill in Details: Part or Full Delivery / Describe where left delivery / Photo of Delivery Note / Photo of Items

STEP 7 Select ‘ Log Delivery’

STEP 8 Delivery Logged! Fully synced with Office so that they know that the order has arrived.